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The Cardboard Boat Book
A really nifty book on building durable small people-carrying boats from corrugated cardboard. Designs are elegant and eco-friendly.

Robert C. Williams American Museum of Papermaking
The Institute for Paper Chemistry moved from Appleton, Wisconsin to Atlanta along with the Dard Hunter collection of paper and papermaking material which was incorporated into this museum. Nice introduction to the science, technology, and history of paper.

Directory of Paper Museums
An international diretory of paper museums. Look for one near you!

An article from "The Boy Mechanic"
An article scanned and posted by another netizen. This time it's do-it-yourself instructions from 1913 for building a paper canoe.

"Voyage of the Paper Canoe"
Bishop's classic book can be read on the internet. You can also find reprint editions reasonably inexpensively from a number of sources, such as or On the other hand expect to spend more than $100 for an 1800's edition.

The Rockport Paper House.
You guessed it. A paper house in Rockport, Mass.

Rowing History.
As rowing hulls were Waters & Sons primary product, you really should learn more about rowing history. Consult the experts at this site!

The Wooden Canoe Heritage Association
The ultimate old canoe resource. The issues of Wooden Canoe (the group's publication) are indexed by subject and have several articles on paper canoe construction and/or history. (And what's a wooden canoe except one made from un-processed paper?)

Society for Industrial Archeology
No paper boats on this site. It's just a plug for one of my favorite organizations. "The SIA is made up of members, world-wide, who have a strong interest in preserving, interpreting, and documenting our industrial past and heritage."

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